AI Personal Assistant: Rumi

Rumi is a personal assistant made available to every CN user by the CyberLab and CN team. Rumi offers personalized recommendations, tips, discussion facilitation, content creation assistance, and other helpful services through artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance a user’s experience on the CN platform. Rumi also helps users with ePortfolio building. We are excited about the new possibilities and eager to hear your feedback!

Read the Press release and this Helpdesk Article to learn more about Rumi and his services.

Empower educators with Generative AI assisted content creation

Leveraging Generative AI, Rumi assists instructors in creating high-quality lessons, quizzes, and rubrics. These features remarkably increase their work efficiency and improve their instructional and assessment practices.

Personalized recommendations

Rumi offers personalized recommendations on connections, skills, jobs, and resources, enabling CN users to expand their networks and foster personal growth.

Discussion Facilitation to make social posting more engaging

As social discussion is a distinctive strength of the CN platform, we have made it even better with the magic touch of AI. Automated hashtagging, post summary, and Rumi asking thought-provoking questions on posts that have not been reflected…and more innovative features will come alive.

Tips to enhance teaching and learning

Rumi offers just-in-time learning and teaching tips that help both students and educators leverage the most beneficial CN resources to optimize learning experiences and outcomes.

Announcements to keep users updated

CN users receive notifications from their institutions and the CN admin through Rumi. The Rumi notification service ensures that no one will miss any important updates on the platform.

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