CN Success Cases

We showcase the diverse individuals and educational institutions that have chosen CourseNetworking as their trusted partner in advancing educational effectiveness. Discover how CourseNetworking's unparalleled, all-encompassing solution including LMS and ePortfolio has empowered learners and elevated learning efficiency. Our mission is to change the way the world learns through social, global, and engaging learning. 

Institution Cases


Seamless Online Learning and Certification Experience with CN Pathway LMS

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University of Peradeniya

A Unique Approach to Develop Both Faculty and Students through ePortfolio

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Empower Teachers through a Hybrid Certification Curriculum and ePortfolio

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Delivering A Highly Efficient and Sustainable Online Teacher Training Program

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Lorain County JVS

Enhancing Student Professional Development and Future Readiness

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Empowering Faculty Collaboration and Growth: A Journey with CN ePortfolio & LMS

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Harnessing the Power of CN Pathway LMS for Community-Led Research

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Individual Cases

Elevating Personal Branding with CN ePortfolio

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Fostering Growth and Charting a Legal Career with CN ePortfolio

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Harnessing the Power of CN ePortfolio for Academic and Professional Success

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Crafting a Personalized ePortfolio and Embracing Individuality

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Elevating Academic and Career Trajectory with CN ePortfolio

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Driving Professional Growth and Transforming Teaching with CN ePortfolio

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Transforming Conservation Biology Education: Sriyani Wickramasinghe's Journey with CourseNetworking

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Unveiling the Evolution of CN ePortfolio to a Dynamic Diary of Personal Development

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Hear From Our Users

Nishadi Liyanage,Faculty Member, University of Peradeniya

"The CN ePortfolio functions as a precisely structured digital archive for organizing our records. The "showcase" section, in particular, has proven invaluable for reflecting on both my teaching and research efforts."

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Alexis Fernandez, Student, Mount Saint Mary's University

"The CN ePortfolio is valuable when seeking employment or when you want to showcase your expertise to business professionals."

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Kate Brown, Student, Augustana University

"I prefer the CN ePortfolio because it's easier and more enjoyable to customize than other platforms."

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Rachel Johnson, Student, Augustana University

"I find that my ePortfolio is much more effective and interactive than merely a resume or academic reports."

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Shahd Jaziri, Student, IUPUI

"The CN ePortfolio is a great way to showcase to employers what I have done throughout my collegiate career."

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Myra Kivett, Student, IUPUI

"The ePortfolio allows me to reflect on my past experiences and showcase my honors projects as a student."

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Dr. Smiley, President, The Society for Diversity

"The return on investment with the CN has been impeccable. The exceptional quality of service provided by the CN has been invaluable."

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Dr. Ragel, Professor, Peradeniya University

"We are happy about the CN support. In fact, we required a very minimum support to kick this off at our campus as we found a tool we were looking for. So, it was easy for us to take it forward."

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Dr. Arthur, Program Director, ASSET

"From start to finish of the project implementation, I’ve felt very supported and folks have been VERY timely in responding, which is important in supporting 200 learners at a time."

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Christine Lam , Committee Member, CCTE

"The support has been wonderful and has always gone above and beyond to help me and the learners to understand not only what the issue was but also to provide a solution for the issue"

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Stephanie Rosebrock, Instructional Technology Coordinator, LCJVS

"I could recommend this easily to other schools in our area. CourseNetworking is quick, efficient, and understands what we need to troubleshoot for students as problems pop up."

Sivakumar Krishnan, Director of Innovation, Sri Vishnu Educational Society

"The CN team has been instrumental in comprehending our requirements and delivering sound solutions"

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Rachel Alvarez, Executive Director, Cure CMD

"The CN team has been amazingly responsive and helpful - this team makes the product."

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