CN Post (LTI)

Transform your learning community with engaging social discussions

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional LMS threaded discussion tools. With CN Post, learners have access to a dynamic and immersive discussion experience that feels like they are using their favorite social media platform. The social learning features highlights Facebook-like post and polling tools, empowered by gamification features such as Anar Seeds and digital badges to enhance learning engagement. Learners can not only share ideas and opinions but also expand network with students taking similar courses globally, forming meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

CN Post offers social learning functionalities to any open source and commercial LMS via LTI plugin. Institutions using an LMS such as Moodle, Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, etc., can quickly and easily add the CN Post plugin into LMS courses . The direct integration provides benefits of easy account creation and data exchange, it offers a revolutionary approach to threaded discussions that combines the best of social media and traditional learning management systems.

Unlike traditional LMS discussion tools that delete content after the course ends, CN Post content remains accessible even after the class has ended. Learners can maintain their ePortfolios, course posts, and network connections for life, building a valuable digital footprint that can be used to showcase their skills and accomplishments to potential employers.

Engage learners in global and social discussion

Bring classroom discussion to life through CN Social (CN Post). Learners can freely share resources, ideas, and questions. They can also use hashtags to quickly find posts of their interest. CN Post can effectively supplement or replace the traditional LMS discussion forums by offering more intuitive, organic, and student-centered online discussion.

CN Post also breaks down the walls between classrooms, connecting learners across campus and the world through the Campus Network and Global Classroom features.

Make learning fun with gamified features

Students collect Anar Seeds (points) while participating in a variety of discussion activities in CN Post. The gamified experience adds fun and positive peer competition to learning. The course Anar Seeds can also be passed back to LMS GradeBook for automated grading.

Incentify students with digital badges

Incentify student participation and recognize accomplishment through CN's innovative badge engine. Instructors can award badges, such as Best Posts, Best Participant, and self-created badges in just a few clicks!

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