CN Consortium


The CN Consortium is a group of institutions and subject matter experts assembled by CourseNetworking, LLC in order to accomplish several shared missions: Redevelop LMS into something that works and is sticky; develop a framework that supports Outcome-Based Education; launch an environment that is affordable or free; conceptualize an LMS that plays a major role as an “enabler” in translating the walled classroom concept into a global, social learning pedagogy.


Any CN licensed institution actively using any of the CN products such as CN Post, CN ePortfolio, the full CN LMS, or the CN Perpetual License.


CourseNetworking has identified the need to redefine the homogenized legacy LMS. The current LMS concepts and technology were established 20 years ago; the CN Consortium wants to move the industry towards the next generation with the help of its active users and institutional researchers and stakeholders.

CN Consortium members have the opportunity to constructively evaluate the CN solutions and also be involved in the revolution of the next generation of learning environments.

A few of the benefits that members receive include:

1. Running a local instance of CN and access API Keys

Receiving full access to CN’s production and API keys gives members the right to develop new applications and expand their own horizons. This will mean comprehensive developmental exploration to CN Consortium members which can be translated to:

  • Using the CN engine as a technology R&D sandbox for research faculty and graduate students
  • Using the CN’s backbone and extensive usage data for big data research and analytics
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities through developments and commercialization

2. Holding a seat on the CN Research & Development Advisory Board

  • Ability to attend global annual & sequential meetings hosted at members’ campuses
  • Discuss the future steps for improving LMS amongst our academic members
  • Define and promote the missing interoperability standards (Badges, micro certification, Outcome Based Education, etc.)

3. Joining a global group of academics participating & cooperating to invent and engage in both R&D and entrepreneurship of the next-generation learning environment

  • Contribute and collaborate on local and intercampus research and development projects
  • Network with a global community of researchers


There are two ways to join the CN Consortium:

1. Be a licensee of a CN product

Become a CN licensed institution actively using one or more of the CN products on your campus. This includes CN Post (LTI plug-in), CN ePortfolio (LTI plug-in), Full CN (CN LMS), and Perpetual Licenses.


2. Pay Consortium Membership Fee

Pay an annual fee of $8,000 or $20,000 for a 3-year membership. Pricing information for system institutions is available upon request.

For more information, please contact

Together we can change the way the world learns